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Just cannot get it right

Thu Nov 29, 2018 6:55 pm


I have a Monoprice Ultimate (Wanhao Duplicator 6) that I cannot get S3d to slice well. I end up with what appears to be oozing on short lines/curves. I have went through the troubleshooting guide and really have not been able to improve much. I have changed so many things a fff file is not feasible.

Really seems that retraction is not working in S3d

I have attached the header from the gcode I created yesterday as well as an A/B image. I downloaded Cura and setup the basics .2 layer height 70mm/sec 205/60 temps and printed, the results are remarkably different, Cura is better.

Here is a pic to l
illistrate this. Herre are the settings from the S3d head
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Any help accepted.....

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