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Kossel slow after homing

Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:30 pm

Problem I`m having is, with calibration and bedleveling and homing, it homes correct and move down at a decent rate. BUT when I start a print in simplify3d it homes correct, but takes around 35 seconds to move the nozzle to the bed. After that it prints at my selected speed.
Think I must add some gcode in my startup script like G0 or G1 F.....something to increase the speed. I want the speed the same as when it homes with calibration and goes down to the bed until it prints the set speed I gave it in simplify3d or it must home and go down fast and slow down a few mm above the build plate. Any ideas?
Can you maybe also add your starting/ending script(gcode) - I think my end gcode is fine, but I only have G28 in my start.

Last problem I`m having is after a print when it homes, sometimes it slams into my x tower.


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