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Wipe and auto leveling always too high when starting second print

Sat Feb 02, 2019 9:15 pm

Hi Team,

I am seeing an issue with the height of the head whenever I start a second print on a Lulzbot TAZ 6.

The TAZ is running FW I'm on a Mac running 10.12.6 and my S3D is 4.1.1.

After a successful print, the second print can be started, but will always fail because the extruder will touch home but at some point during the auto-wipe and leveling phase it will start performing operations about 30 or 40mm to high. For example, it will try to touch front/right but will not lower all the way down, return to the left edge to'rewipe' but then will hover above and move the bed forward and back as if it were wiping the nozzle a second time. After this air-wipe, it will try again to touch the corners but then fails with 'Bed leveling failed. Reset'.

1. Toggle the ON/OFF switch on the printer.
2. Disconnect / Connect S3D
3. Successfully print a part ( TAZ reports 'Print complete')
4. On S3D click Begin printing over USB and notice the head is too high to wipe or touch the corner plate washers.

This is 100% reproducible for me. There is more info I would like to gather, like, does doing a disconnect/connect from S3D BEFORE I start the second print work? Does it work if I toggle power on the TAZ BEFORE I start the second print? If for whatever reason you aren't able to repro this yourself, I think this would be good info to have to debug so I'll add updates to this issue but I just wanted to get the base error filed.

Also, please find a .txt file attached that has the console log showing a successful print followed by the too-high second try.
Log for bug 'Wipe and auto leveling always too high when starting second print'
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Re: Wipe and auto leveling always too high when starting second print

Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:27 pm

I have been having this problem for over a year and finally got fed up enough with it to look for a solution. Any solutions?

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