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PLA not sticking to TPU

Sun Feb 03, 2019 11:26 am


I'm trying to print a somewhat complex model where I combine TPU (PolyMaker PolyFlex) and PLA.

The lower layers are mostly TPU, and I'm builing a PLA structure on top.
Where ever the TPU is put on top of the PLA it seems to stick like super glue on fingers... The other way around though, the PLA has a hard time sticking to the TPU, especially my thin support structure lines.

A picture, a 100 words:
(blue = tpu, green = pla, picture is a cut through view, more solid layers above obviously)

I'm using a Felix Tec 4.1 (direct drive), dual extruder
printing settings:
- 0.15mm layer height
- PLA @ 185C (and tested @ 205C)
- TPU @ 205C

Any advise on how to make this stick well?

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