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Having serious problems with new Maker Pro MK1

Sun Feb 03, 2019 9:10 pm

Hey guys.

I'm at about my wits end here with my new Maker Pro Mk1 which is a WanHao D9 MK2 clone.

I'm getting either under extrusion or over extrusion, terrible retraction issues, movement through the model with Simplif3D, tons of blobs and zits, sagging prints, and other various woes and nothing seems to fix them

I have my bed leveled, and that's about all I've managed with a full 48 hours or 3 days worth of trying to get a decent print out of the damn thing. I actually had to unscrew and completely re position the leveling sensor because otherwise it would just jam the nozzle into the print bed because the sensor was too high to detect the metal plate.

I've tried anywhere from 190C to 225C when printing and 3 different filaments and anywhere from 2mm of retraction to 10mm of retraction and coasting and wiping and anywhere from 1800mm/min to 3000mm/min for print speed and it's all just terrible. I have tightened down everything as well so there's no wobble anywhere or anything before anyone asks.

My Maker Select Mini gets AMAZING prints out of the box with Simplify3D. The prints with the default setting for my new Maker Pro zit nonstop, don't stick to the bed, and have TERRRIBLE underextrusion.

Does anyone know what to do or have a WanHao D9 or Maker Pro that they can share some settings with me for? Or maybe some advice?

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Re: Having serious problems with new Maker Pro MK1

Wed Nov 27, 2019 4:27 pm

I just purchased a MK1. I made sure to update all the esteps before printing. Mine seems to be printing fine at this point. What type of filament are you using? Do you have the all metal hot end installed?

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