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"solid layer" between infill and perimeters

Wed Feb 06, 2019 10:57 pm

This is occurring on version 4.1.

I have been trying to optimize the settings for my printer (MakerGear M3 ID), and I've been having strange issues with artifacts on the surface of the benchies I've been printing. I looked through the g-code, and I believe I found what is causing it. Solid layers are being generated between the infill and perimeters (green area in photo). This wouldn't be a problem if the were normal lines, but the layers are being generated as tight zig-zaging lines. These lines cause the printer to shake, and ruin the finish of the perimeters. The lines are actual top and bottom layers, the only way I have been able to smooth out the lines is by making my external fill pattern concentric (second picture). Is there any way to make it so these "layers" are not generated between the infill and perimeter, or is there a way to smooth them out without turning on concentric fill?
outline non con.PNG
normal lines
outline con.PNG
Lines with concentric fill on

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