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Printer goes rouge when printing via USB connection

Tue Mar 05, 2019 7:25 am

I'm having issues with my printer just going off to the edge of the bed in either the x or the y axis when printing. :o It does return and continue to print, but leaves a void in an area after returning and continuing. :shock:

It does not show it doing this in the tool path preview and it does not seem to do it when printing from SD card.

It seems to only happen during infill, but you never know when it will occur. I've had it happen on the first layer, the second layer and 25% thru a print and maybe even as far as around 75% thru a print.

I've tried using a different usb port but I doesn't seem to connect when I try to use it. I prefer to print via usb, but cannot because of the unreliability of it.

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