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'Auto-Configure Extruders' does not allways change extruder temperature

Thu Mar 07, 2019 4:39 am

my printer is a selfmade cartesian with dual extruder setup.
I have a little proble with temperature switching depending on Auto-Configure Extruders in the FFF settings.

Before starting to print, it wipes both hotends on a kind of brush, for which both extruders must be heated.

The setup is:
If Auto-Configure Extruders / left extruder is selected, the left Extruder is set to 210 and the right extruder to 180 degrees.
In the start script , which also controls the wiping movement, the right extruder temp will be set back to 0. This works fine.

If Auto-Configure Extruders / right extruder is selected, left is set to 180, right to 210 degrees.
In case of Both Extrudes both are set 210 degrees.

My issue is: When i switch from left extruder to right extruder or to both extruders, the extruder temperatures will not be modified any more.
Temperature modification in case of extruder change works only, if the unused extruder temp ist set to 0 degrees.
Is this behaviour intended or is there a possible fff-modification like changing print speed depending on material setting?

Thanks in advance.

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