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Still no retraction from supports

Tue Apr 02, 2019 10:56 pm

So I turned off "Only retract when crossing open spaces" and turned on "Force retraction between layers". I still get stringing off of supports sticking to my main part.
Why isn't there a seperate setting in the supports tab that allows us to turn on and turn off retration on supports? Cura has this setting and that is free software. For the amount we pay for this software why is it that we have to play around with all these functions in the Advanced Tab to try and get retration to work on supports, if we can figure it out?? There should be an option to turn on retraction on supports and that mimics the current retraction settings.
The issue with turning on "Force retraction between layers" and turning off "Only retract when crossing open spaces" is that is creates more retraction on every layer causing more retraction marks on my main print. We need this option that Cura has already provided to their customers.

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