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Calibration, extrusion problems, poor print quality

Tue May 21, 2019 5:14 am

Hi - finally able to post in here with less than 7 days to go before I request a refund of S3D.

I have a Cetus3D MkII 3D printer - linear rails, TinyFab CPU and heated bed, PEI over glass print surface, 3DFillies PLA+ (brand new roll).

TierTime provide the UpStudio slicer which prints on a raft only but produced absolutely fantastic results straight out of the box. I wanted to print without rafts so bought the TinyFab CPU and heated bed. TinyFab implements Smoothieware firmware. I have struggled for 4 weeks now, Cura, Slic3R and now S3D.

I cannot for the life of me work out how to calibrate the extruder correctly. I started by trying to set the extrusion multiplier based on line width but was then constantly under extruding. Then I found this article: ... adjustment

It suggests that S3D measures the extrusion differently to other slicers and therefore the method of calibration of the extruder is different. After spending another entire day trying to get it right I decided to print a part for the printer. Again I stopped it part way as it was a mess.

The Cetus3D is a direct drive extrusion machine but I am running 5.5mm retraction and it is still stringing. I have reduced temp to the min of 190 degrees for the filament. I am getting layers that are wider than others, the walls aren't smooth - the list just goes on. The white fan duct pictured was printed on the same printer but sliced and printed from Up Studio and it is flawless.

If I can't find a way to calibrate and configure S3D I will have to return for a refund and go back to Up Studio.

Any help to get this set up would be appreciated. Factory file and FFF profile attached
DuctLowerV0p022 001 Cetus3DMKII.factory
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