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New Version not printing at all

Wed May 22, 2019 9:50 pm

For some unknown reason my Extruder isn't turning during a print. I am running the TH3D Firmware 2.11 and even after issuing an M190 S235 as well as an M104 S65 and letting the machine sit like this for 5 minutes. I can't get any movement out of my Extruder. It is getting a signal as I can't turn the drive gear by hand while it is under power. I have gone through the firmware line for line and I have also gone through the gcode files I am trying to run and they all include E? Distance movements. I've gone through the machine control options to make sure that they're fine and everything is in order. I know that the Nozzle is hot enough to extrude as there is filament oozing from the nozzle.

I am at a total loss and its looking more and more like my Ender 3 is now a brick if someone can't come up with any fixes other than to criticize my request for help.

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Re: New Version not printing at all

Thu May 23, 2019 6:54 am

This really seems more like an issue you should be directing at a forum or Facebook group for the printer or even the manufacturers support for help.
Most likely not a slicer (S3D) issue.

Maybe someone on here will be able to offer something but I wouldn't count on it.

Only thing I can offer is this. Can you get the machine to manually extrude by using the printers controls or the printers load or unload filament routine?
If not then it is hardware. But you'll need to do a process of elimination.
Eliminate the most obvious things first. Can the printer load and unload filament. Go from there.

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