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Legacy commands apply to all processes??

Wed May 29, 2019 6:39 pm

I am using two processes:

1. Normal plastic extrusion (T0)

2. Extrusion of Ink from a syringe using an external pump (T1)

The ink pump is turned on/off using the M3/M5 commands (Spindle On/Spindle Off) in gcode.

So, for an ink extrusion line, the pump turns on at the start of the line, and turns off at the end of the line.

I am using the legacy commands (M101, M102, M103) to keep track of where each line starts and stops. Once I generate the gcode, I bring it into a text editor and replace the appropriate commands with M3/M5 for the pump.

If i include the legacy commands in one processes only (Ink) the commands are applied to BOTH processes.

In other words, the block of g code below a T1 command has the legacy commands (this is correct), AND the block of code below the T0 command also contains the legacy commands (this shouldn't happen because I am NOT including legacy commands in this process).

So do the legacy commands apply globally to all processes?


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