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Issue with supports not sticking to model

Sun Jun 02, 2019 8:10 pm

So I've only been printing for a week or two and have successfully printed several tabletop game miniatures and I thought I had my settings pretty well dialed in, but the latest one has been giving me tons of issues with supports. 90% of the supports print fine (I use a 50% angle then manually place the rest due to the amount of overhanging parts), but there are a couple on one side that keep coming loose from the print when the nozzle goes over them at a certain point and messes the whole thing up. It seems like the supports have a really weak foundation and I'm unable to tweak it to make it stronger without setting the offset to zero and binding them to the print and making them difficult to remove. I know I can do z-hop but that tends to cause stringing in my prints. I leveled and leveled again, running at 195c/50c with a 15% support infill. Tried doing the support base with little or no effect. Note: these are supports that are on the base of the model itself and not the bed. Anything else I can try?

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