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Re: Volcano 0.8mm Nozzle on a CR-10 - Settings?

Sat Feb 06, 2021 9:16 am

I'll also note that different PETG materials vary a lot. I've used eSun, Hatchbox, Ovation, 3DXTech, MG Chemical, and Sunlu. The Ovation and 3DXTech have very little stringing. The Ovation surface finish is inconsistent - varies with speed, so at corners and transitions it's shiny and on long walls it's more satin. All the others except 3DXtech are shiny black. The 3DXTech is more of a satin black, and a but grayish - not a deep black.

eSun strings quite a bit, Hatchbox less - but trying to buy it these days in the challenge.

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