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Re: Volcano 0.8mm Nozzle on a CR-10 - Settings?

Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2021 9:16 am
by zemlin
I'll also note that different PETG materials vary a lot. I've used eSun, Hatchbox, Ovation, 3DXTech, MG Chemical, and Sunlu. The Ovation and 3DXTech have very little stringing. The Ovation surface finish is inconsistent - varies with speed, so at corners and transitions it's shiny and on long walls it's more satin. All the others except 3DXtech are shiny black. The 3DXTech is more of a satin black, and a but grayish - not a deep black.

eSun strings quite a bit, Hatchbox less - but trying to buy it these days in the challenge.

Re: Volcano 0.8mm Nozzle on a CR-10 - Settings?

Posted: Sat Jun 05, 2021 4:26 pm
by jrpmedia
Been a while everyone :-)

Any updates? or experiences that helped?

I'm setting up another a Volcano with 0.8 hardened steel nozzle.

Re: Volcano 0.8mm Nozzle on a CR-10 - Settings?

Posted: Tue Jun 22, 2021 8:52 pm
by Bumbalard
Same problem.

CR10S S5, Hemera, Volcano, titanium heatbreak, 0.8mm Nozzle X. No clones or copies.

I've tried it all. The only thing that brings me close is using Cura with Top/bottom flow reduced to around 78%, with pressure advance, small wipe.

I've tried all the slicers. I went from the TM3D precompiled firmware, custom Marlin build, to Klipper. The problem is always the same. Massive overextrusion on solid infill areas only. The only thing that prints well without the above trick, is wall only cubes of any thickness. No top or bottom. I had epic prints before the switch. If I put it back on, I have epic prints again.

E3D support just told me to try the things I have already tried.

At this point, the volcano seems limited in use. Even with a 4mm nozzle at higher speeds, it is a massive downgrade from the stock CR10S Bowden set up, and sickening compared to the microswiss direct drive conversion I had previously.

I've thought about picking up a V6 heatsink/heatbreak and a V6 heat block so I can play mix and match and isolate, but I don't know I want to give any more money away on fancy extruders and hotends if they only make it worse.

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