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Adjustable Infill Setting Issue

Wed Jul 03, 2019 12:56 pm

Coming from Cura to Simplify3d I've found the user experience to be much nicer, Especially since this one doesn't cause my computer to just randomly restart :lol: I was preparing a part to print for my son and I've ran into an issue I cannot seem to figure out.
Variable settings wizard would allow me to adjust the infill on certain layers of my part but I am only needing to adjust the infill on a round vertical section, Going from the overall part infill of 20% to 100% infill on the center bolt. Cura has the "adjust settings per part" ability where I can import a cylinder, select adjust infill and position over the screw. Does Simplify3d have an option like this that I've looked over or couldn't find on Youtube?

Thanks in advance!

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