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Heat settings

Thu Jul 04, 2019 9:33 pm

I did a search but could not find an answer.
I am just setting up and on trying to set a temp for the Primary Extruder T0, But I am receiving a message saying it should have a unique identifier No.
I change it to T1 and it accepts it, but that does not work.
What am I doing wrong.

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Re: Heat settings

Sun Jul 07, 2019 3:31 pm

What printer do you have? On my Creator Pro, T0 is the right and T1 is the left extruder. You set the temperature by setpoints, with the first setpoint at layer 1. Other setpoints can be set, if desired, for different temps on different layers, but usually only the one setpoint is needed. Use the 'Add Setpoint' and then 'Okay'. It's also a good idea to recheck after you've set everything to see if your settings are correct. Just hitting 'Return' on the field doesn't always work the way you want.

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