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Near perfect/Time sync

Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:18 pm

Probably another noob question but...

I switched from Makerbot print software to S3D (so far it's awesome) But I'm running into a couple issues I can't find answers for if someone is kind enough to help:

1. I have a piece that I am printing that prints flawlessly...up to 98%. At about 95-98%, it hits the top of the piece and knocks it over, thereby ruining 5 hours worth of work. I have adequate adhesion, using a raft, I have leveled the bed using the MB machine itself as I couldn't get S3d to do it. What could be causing this? Very frustrating as I've tried 3x, times 5 hours per...killin' me! I haven't actually seen it do it but I hear the rip of piece off of bed and naturally I look and it's near completion stage...usually 95-98%.

2. Also, MB machine will say 3 hours 5 minutes to print, S3D will say the same (at start) but it keeps printing. The clocks do not seem to be syncing for completion for some reason?

As always, my thanks in advance.

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