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Activity LEDs - what do they mean

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 2:02 pm
by billnana
I have the AZTEEG X3 Pro motherboard with 5 extruders that are liquid cooled running on RepRap thru Simplify 3D (not sure if that makes a difference with what I am dealing with). I have been having an error of the following that I can't figure out what's going.

I have been having some errors with a MAX Coolant error that I have another ticket opened trying to work thru that. But I am trying to figure out this whole system better and have noticed in my stabs in the dark that the activity LEDs on the motherboard are showing lights 6 and 7 as a solid red. Line 5 will flash sometimes too.
Trying to understand what the Activity LEDs represent by number and color.

Thank you