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Makerbot 2x(Sailfish) Basic setup

Mon Jul 15, 2019 12:59 pm

I have a setup that works (I am at work and will post it later today)
It took a bit of tweaking as I needed to change a few G-codes under the firmware section. (manly for the heating plate)
In the profile I needed to STILL set an Gcode offset (think I used -150 -75 0 ) I was kind of surprised on this since the Gcode header now has a offset defined (second to last code - or so) Not sure what is going on there . .
Also using the new Rep2 profile provided as a basis, I needed to reduce the max X for the Rep2x. the current numbers for X on front left corner smashes the carriage. Again going on memory but I set the position ~ x 135 And wipe down from there. ie 130. The 140,145 was too much (ok for Rep 2 with -1 extruder)
Add different temperatures, Add Heatplate temps, Change GPX to Rep2x, set filament size, Change to ABS, etc

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