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Printing PVA with PLA

Wed Aug 21, 2019 4:08 am

Hello all!

I am using a Dual Extruder v3 on a Lulzbot TAZ 5
I am usually using MatterHackers PLA or Hatchbox PLA at 190 C
When using PVA, it is PolyMaker PolyDissolve S1 at 210 C (might be switching to MatterHackers PVA after this roll)

I recently bought Simplify3D and it has been working fabulous (after some tuning) when using just PLA on one or both extruders.

I have yet to get a successful print out of Simplify3D using PVA and PLA. I tried using the default PVA and PLA material profile with no success, after changing the temperatures, still no luck. After a few more tries changing settings here and there, still no luck. I took the extruder settings from Cura (settings like extrusion multiplier, retraction, speeds) and still no luck.

I have two main issues, heat creep causes the PVA to soften and strip out, at least I think that is what's happening. I also have a large amount of oozing that usually causes the prime tower to barely be there if at all before it gets to the model. A lesser issue is that the M109 command in my layer change script doesn't wait until it reaches the 210 it is set for, it gets to 200 and then continues, I found a workaround for this but it is still inconvenient.
Here is my layer change script if that helps.

Code: Select all

G1 Y260 ; moves Y axis to the front
{IF NEWTOOL=0}M104 S165 T1; set T1 inactive extruder to 165 C
{IF NEWTOOL=0}M109 S220 T0; Set T0 new active extruder to temp and wait for it to reach temperature before proceeding.
{IF NEWTOOL=0}M104 S210 T0; set target temp back to original after it's reached.
{IF NEWTOOL=1}M104 S165 T0; Cool T0 to 165
{IF NEWTOOL=1}M109 S[extruder1_temperature] T1; set T1 Heat T1 to temp
I have tried drying out my PVA and a lot of different temperatures with the PVA ranging from 190 to 220. 210 seemed to be the sweet spot for adhesion and minimal oozing. Any cooler and it wouldn't adhere to the previous layer too well.

I have yet to try the same model again on Cura. I was able to get successful prints out of Cura before. I would like to use Simplify3D in order to take advantage of the dense support setting.

Does anyone have any suggestion on settings or temperatures?

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Re: Printing PVA with PLA

Wed Dec 18, 2019 2:00 pm

I'm having the same problems. the PLA is not sticking to the PVA at all and the PLA is curling off of the PVA as well. I use tough PLA at 225deg and the bed is set at 40deg.

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