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Z axis moves too much with dual extruder

Fri Aug 30, 2019 11:54 am

When using dual extruders the Z axis seems to move twice as much as it should. I've come to this conclusion because the nozzles end up twice as far from the bed as the part should be tall (ie after printing a 10mm tall part the nozzle is actually 20mm from the bed). Of course this is causing the layers not to bond at all. I used the "dual extruder wizard" to set up the profile. I don't see any settings on my printer that I can change and I don't see any settings in S3D that seem to control this. When I print with only one extruder my prints look good and are the correct height.

My printer is a Modix 120x, and printing with PLA/PVA. Thanks is advance for any assistance! Best regards,

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