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Increasing Infill Speed?

Sat Aug 31, 2019 6:48 pm

I have a print that its going to take about 8-10 hours, and I need to make about 10 of them. I've been looking into ways to speed things up, and ran across this video:

At about 9:30, he's discussing his speed settings. The thing that really jumped out at me was he's got his regular speed set at 100 mm/sec, but his slicer allows controlling infill speed as well, and he's got that set at 250 mm/sec. or 250% faster. I'm not even sure my printer can go that fast...

I dashed downstairs & looked through all of the speed & infill settings I could find in S3D. As best I can tell, there is ZERO control on basic infill speed. There is only a setting for solid infill underspeed, which doesn't really help.

I've currently got my infill set for 20% using a rectilinear pattern. I took a look at "fast honeycomb", and even though the infill percentage was still 20%, the holes in the honeycomb are significantly larger. For a smaller test print I have set up, the print time goes from 1 hour 16 minutes for the rectilinear infill to 1 hour 24 minutes for the fast honeycomb. It turns out "fast honeycomb" is the SLOWEST of the various infil pattern options, including plain "honeycomb".

Two questions:

1) Why doesn't S3D have some capability to control infill speed? Or is it buried someplace I didn't find?

2) Any other suggestions for speeding things up?


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Re: Increasing Infill Speed?

Tue Sep 03, 2019 10:02 am

In Simplify3D the Default Speed is your infill speed. Every other speed is based off of this default. In order to increase your Infill Speed you would want to increase this Default value. As a rule this speed should be the fastest your printer can reasonably print at.

When you are trying to print something faster there will almost always be a trade off. You could increase your layer height but this will result in less Z-axis resolution. You can print faster but this might introduce ringing or overheating effects. The model you are printing will determine which areas you are willing to sacrifice.

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Re: Increasing Infill Speed?

Tue Sep 03, 2019 11:22 am

The "COMBINE INFILL" will print the infill every X number of layers - so that alone can cut the infill time in half. You can also use scripting to increase the accel and jerk values for different feature types - that can also decrease your print time. That won't be apparent in the calculated time as script values are not accounted for in the calculations. It will impact reality though.

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