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"Bump" on object at centerline

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 5:36 pm
by wjcons
I'm having an issue printing with Simplify 3D and my Felix 3.0 Printer. When printing from Simplify 3D, any object that crosses the center line of the printing table has a defect along a line at the center of the table, and parallel to the X axis. The printed object always has a small bulge at that point.

For example, a cube printed in the center of the table will have small bumps protruding outward on both sides of the cube. The bumps run parallel to the X axis, at the center of the cube. The bumps are around 1/2 mm long and wide, and run the entire Z direction of the cube. My printer does not do this when I use with other slicers.

This has been happening since I first bought Simplify 3D a couple of years ago, and the issue has continued through subsequent software releases.

Any help would be appreciated.