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Very bad overhang behaviour

Sun Oct 20, 2019 5:24 pm

Hello guys,
Im gonna start with something some CAD freaks might consider plain stupid: I know that the model might be badly designed and that intersects might be a problem, however, all other slicers dont have a problem with that despite Simplify3D. I tried every workaround i know and i could not fix my problem. If you can help me fixing the existing STL that is fine as well, however, im not willing to look into hours of CAD work to create it "the right way".

Here we go: Im printing a lid with an inner screw, however, Simplify3D refuses to print the print the overhang properly. Ill attach a picture:
Cura for example does it the way i want, pulling the inner perimeter more to the inside and filling the extending gap with wider extrusions or another perimeter.

Is there a setting i need to change in order to get Simplify to do what i want? Im sick of using two slicers for printing overhangs...

Example stl is attached, i can give you the FreeCad file as well if you need it. In case that matters: My machine is running Linux and im using the windows version of simplify3d in wine because i had problems with the linux one on my Arch install.
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