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Lithophane print quality

Thu Nov 07, 2019 11:07 pm

I wanted to print out some lithophanes so I tried the "Convert Image to 3D" tool. The image I am using is completely black and white, meaning only white and only black, no gray. I wanted to see how it would look. The quality in Simplify3D didn't really look great. I checked out some other options and found the website LithophaneMaker. I imported the image, it created and STL and I imported it into Simplify3D.

I compared Simplify3D and LithophaneMaker's at the same time.


The one on the left is Simplify3D the one on the right is LithophoneMaker.

Why is the quality so much better for LithophaneMaker? Is there any way to get the same quality using the Convert Image to 3D tool?

The original image is here: https://i.imgur.com/t5SDvUl.jpg

My settings are:
Image Depth Scale: 3.0mm
Desired Width: 130mm
Platform Height: 0.5mm
Gaussian filter factor: 1.0
Invert depth profile checked

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