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Discontinuity in critical perimeter

Wed Nov 13, 2019 4:13 am

My first question. Apologies if it's covered elsewhere - though I've not found it. I have a simple shape where one part of the perimeters is critical but others are less important. The print will be large, so speed is important. There is some flexbility in the design to optimise speed and quality (eg the critical thicknesses can be made appropriate for nozzle etc). Unfortunately, the print head path breaks from the critical perimeterto go to an "unimportant perimeter". This is shown in this view:
Can the print head path be constrained/forced to do the full "outside" perimeter - that is the long smooth curve - before doing any of the squared off sections?
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The thinnest parts of the profile are 0.8mm which is the nozzle diameter.

I've seen slightly similar behaviour which is resolved by selecting "separate connected surfaces" from the mesh menu. But the problem appears to be of a rather different origin and is not resolved by that action.

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