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Supports are bad.

Thu Nov 21, 2019 10:42 pm

So I have been using Cura for about 6 months now and liked it with how much it had to offer. One very big thing was having support blockers. What an amazing feature. However, I started to run into problems with it when it came to print quality or generating certain type of supports. With that being said for the model pictures I am uploading Cura did a better job making these supports than simplify3d did so some extent but would have artifacts or some problems. Very long story. At this point with frustration I decided to say F it and drop the money on simplify 3d. I AM NOW REGRETING MY DECISION. The interface, lack of features, glitches in adding supports or rotating image is horrible. I am working on a workstation computer so ya no very acceptable. With that being all said, simplify 3d can not add the supports to this model and I have to go in by hand to do it. I have 10 more blades and at this point wish I could throw simplify3d against the wall. Very very frustrating for software that is supposedly industry standard and cost $150. Any tips would be great as I guess I am now stuck with it. Wish they had a 1 week trial period as this would have been the deal breaker.
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