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Qidi Xpro, dual extrusion per layer temp setpoint trouble

Tue Nov 26, 2019 2:23 am

I'm looking for some help from the experts. I've been doing this for some time but I just cant get it right.
Printer details: Qidi Xpro, all metal micro swiss hotends with glass plates

Problem/story: I recently bought my 3rd Qidi Xpro and am trying to make a dual extrusion print that I have not had trouble with on the other printers.
I am looking to print a 10mm tall object, with the bottom 5mm one color and the top 5mm a different color. The print takes roughly 2 hours per 5mm so I am trying to keep the right nozzle at 200C and the left nozzle at 165 for layer 1-20 (.25mm layer height) and then have the right nozzle at 150C and the left nozzle at 200C for layer 21-40. This helps from heat creeping up and clogging the left nozzle before its turn to print and it also keeps the heat from creeping up into the right nozzle after it is done with its half.
So ive tried every combination of per layer height settings as far as removing the left extruder from "color 1" and removing the right extruder from "color 2." This didnt work. I tried keeping both extruders on and adjusting layer temps and trying to uncheck the box that temps must stabilize before prints Ive done every (30+) combinations of stabilize left or right nozzle (one or both) on color 1 and color 2. I just cannot get this to work and im floored because it has worked on the other two qidi xpros I have.
What is happening is that right about layer 15, the right nozzle starts to cool down the left nozzle heats up so the right nozzle cools too much and starts stripping the filament before its bottom half is over and the left nozzle starts drooling on the print.
When I remove an extruder from color 1, it seems to almost work but every time the printer goes to print a new ooze shield...the temp of the right nozzle gets reset to 0 and then kicks back up to 200 when it moves to the actual print. But by the time its done printing the ooze shield the nozzle is already down to 160 and its not extruding filament.
I jus thave no idea. I have been sitting here for hours for multiple days lol.

I uploaded a factory file. Any tips are greatly appreciated

ps. I dont understand why there has to be both left and right extruders for "color 1" when its only one nozzle printing and then it has both left and right extruders for "color 2." In theory I feel like what I have should work, but it doesn.
Thanks again!! Nick
Dual test print square.factory
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Re: Qidi Xpro, dual extrusion per layer temp setpoint trouble

Tue Nov 26, 2019 1:14 pm

I took a look at your Factory File and it looks like your 'cubes' here are 10mm tall with .25mm layers so this would be 40 layers to complete the bottom cube. Your Temperature Setpoints should therefore be set for Layer 40 and not 20 as you currently have. Please let me know if you have any need any further assistance getting this print file to work for you.

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