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Management of room heater

Fri Dec 20, 2019 4:24 am


It seems that S3D cannot correctly handle the management of a room heater.
S3D currently has 2 kind of heaters : head and platform, nothing for the chamber.
Plus, only one bed heater is allowed in S3D. In consequence, I have to declare the room heater as a second head heater.

Here is what it looks like in the XML file of the file and I have attached a screenshot of the GUI.

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<temperatureController name="Head">
    <setpoint layer="1" temperature="205"/>
    <setpoint layer="2" temperature="210"/>
    <setpoint layer="5" temperature="220"/>
  <temperatureController name="Bed">
    <setpoint layer="1" temperature="55"/>
    <setpoint layer="10" temperature="50"/>
  <temperatureController name="Room">
    <setpoint layer="1" temperature="0"/>
    <setpoint layer="100000" temperature="10"/>
You will notice that the room heater is declared as "T5", it is normal, it is the tool number of this heater in the firmware of the printer.

The example I took is for PLA, so a material which does not require an heated room but you may also notice that there is two temperatures set up for the room :

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layer 1 : 0
layer 100000 : 10
And this is where I think S3D does not handle correctly this temperature controller.
I have multiple material set up in my S3D configuration. Some of them -like PLA- do not need an heated room and some of them -like ABS- require the heated room.

If I just put "layer 1 : 0" for PLA and "layer 1 : 90" for ABS, S3D will only takes the "layer 1 : 0" into account and thus deactivate the room heating for all materials, including the ones where I previously set up layer 1 : 90.
In other words, I have to include a positive value for this heater for every material. But I still do not want to heat the room for materials like PLA so I had to declare a positive value at some unreachable layer.

My workaround is working but it is a workaround, not an elegant solution.

Do you have any better solution for this ?

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