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Bed leveling wizard

Fri Dec 20, 2019 11:33 pm

I am a complete novice in 3d printing. Something i have noticed is the most instructions are written as though the person reading them already knows what they are talking about. The most recent example I have run into is the Bed leveling wizard

I have a FLSun CUBE. I am trying to use the Bed leveling wizard in version 4.1 of the Simplify3D. The instructions say "at each position, adjust the height of your bed until a piece of paper barely fits between the nozzle and the platform.

Am I to use the 4 bed screws/springs/nuts to make this adjustment? I do not have enough thread on the screws to do that. The very first stop the wizard makes is leaving the nozzle approx 7 mm from the platform. There is not enough screw/spring to take up that gap.

This is very likely something that most know, but they need to remember, instructions are not for people that already know what to do. Many years ago I used create documents for software that the company was selling. I used to take the instructional documents and give them to my friends wife. If she could install, setup and use the software without having to ask for help, the docs were good for release. She did not ever use the software afterwards so she could stay the guinea pig for new versions of the software.

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