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Change in "Perform retraction during wipe" behavior?

Sat Dec 21, 2019 10:05 pm

While troubleshooting a retraction issue I looked at the GCODE generated by 4.1.2. I have wipe and perform retraction during wipe movement on. It looks like in 4.1.2 S3D does a single retract move and then the wipe travels. Where in older versions, like 4.0.1 there is a retraction during the entire wipe movement. Is this intentional? With the same settings between these 2 versions I have a better time with stringing/ooze in 4.0.1 vs 4.1.2

This is a snipped from the same file sliced with the same profiles between the 2 versions.


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G1 X153.725 Y135.962 E-0.7881 F4800
G1 X153.846 Y134.894 E-0.8066
G1 X153.938 Y133.796 E-0.8263
G1 X153.986 Y133.025 E-0.5789

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G1 X153.648 Y136.513 E-3.0000 F600
G1 X153.725 Y135.967 F600
G1 X153.845 Y134.899
G1 X153.938 Y133.801
G1 X153.985 Y133.030

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Re: Change in "Perform retraction during wipe" behavior?

Mon Dec 23, 2019 10:29 am

Could you please post the Factory File that created these two gcode files so we can look into this further?

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Re: Change in "Perform retraction during wipe" behavior?

Wed Dec 25, 2019 12:12 am

same here, got blob before every wipe depending of the lenght of the previous move....

Example from line 726

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G1 X-9.760 Y9.760 E0.7791
G1 X-9.760 Y8.814 E-1.0000 F2554
G1 X-9.760 Y6.760 F2554
; feature infill
please find factory file in attachment
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