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Innermost wall lack of material after seam

Wed Jan 08, 2020 4:27 pm

So I’ve recently noticed an issue I’ve not been able to resolve and it’s driving me nuts. The innermost wall is lacking material right after the seam. So much so that the first 20mm-30mm of the innermost and middle wall (3 walls in settings) do not connect and can easily be separated with a fingernail.

My printer is a SeeMeCNC Artemis that has about 750mm of bowden. The esteps are calibrated and my extrusion multiplier has been calibrated. I’ve tried entirely disabling retraction as well as tried “extra restart distance” and neither solve the issue. Via destructive tests I’ve made sure that the hotend can keep up with my chosen speed/temp for the PETG I’m using (inner walls:70mm/sec outer wall: 30mm/sec temp: 250C) If I use KISSlicer or PrusaSlicer, the issue doesn’t it’s definitely a S3D issue.

Picture to show the issue I’m experiencing.

Can’t get the picture to show even after adding img tags, so you have to click the link.

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