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Need help with PETG

Mon Jan 20, 2020 4:10 pm

Need some help with improving the print quality with PETG. I've tried a couple different filaments and they all come out the same. There are no issue top side but if the angled bottom side is printed on supports, there are significant unevenness in the result. The corners also come out looking wavy. I'm using the Duramic 3D PETG filaments mostly. I also tried Overture which was worse. I print the Duramic at 240/80, but I also tried 235/70 with fan at 30% and only negligible improvement.

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Re: Need help with PETG

Thu Jan 23, 2020 12:25 pm

This is a common problem with PETG. It's a lot stickier than PLA and sticks to itself very well. The normal solution is to have a much smaller gap between the support and the base and to use a much a dense top layer on the support. On the one hand this should improve the quality, but you'll risk not being able to remove the support.

To optimise it, you will need to experiment with the balance between the factors. Another trick which might help is to increase the fan speed when its printing the top of the support to try to force it to cool more quickly (and stick less well to the base) but you're probably going to have a lot of trial and error to get there and it'll be a compromise. There may be some merit to slowing down the top layer of the support too, to allow it more time to cool, but you'll need to experiment.

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