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Soft material TPU 93 - Inconsistant and stopping in the middle

Wed Feb 05, 2020 9:05 am

Hello world !

At work, we have some German RepRap X350 pro 3D printers, and I try to find correct parameters for printing with different materials.
ABS and PLA are ok, PET is on a good way, but the TPU-93 (from German Rep Rap) is a total mess.

I am actually trying to print a cube (50x53x50… not really a cube, anyway) and most of the time, the printer stops printing.
It seems quite random as sometimes it’s stopping on the 4th layer, sometimes on the 20th or more.
Of course, I searched on internet, and tried a lot of different parameters... I recently added a small pipe to guide the filament as far as possible, but nothing seems to help…

What I see it that the extruded material comes out in a non continuous way, it’s like a lot of small drops one after the other, sometimes it forms a sort of filament, sometimes it’s cut, and it’s diameter is clearly changing.
Also, I clearly notice that the material is a bit gathered around the extruder, It forms a sort of small drop all around the extruder, as shown on the next picture.
My guess it that the extruder somehow gathers some “already printed material” on itself, then, when this material becomes a real drop that fall down, the extruder gets blocked.

I tried to increase the layers height, but it didn’t change anything
I tried to increase the extruder temperature, 5°c by 5°c from 215°c to 240°c, bit it’s always the same thing.
Of course, I tried to perfectly clean the extruder and every single part around it, which seemed to slightly help, but nothing exceptional.
I’m not sure at all on what parameter I could act to make these problems disappear.

Maybe changing the nozzle for one of another material? We got one made of Iron instead of brass?

Does anyone had this issue and achieved to correct it?

Thanks by advance !

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