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Slicing Tips for tricky Overhangs.

Thu Feb 06, 2020 5:51 am

I have to print a lot of the shapes on the photos.
I was modeling the support manually to save material and get the best results.
Works well so far (See pictures attached - they are too large to place inline)

However printing with no support basically works and saves over 50% of material and printing time.
Just the results are not satisfying.
The edges of single unsupported areas warp up due to the heat exposed.
Is there any tricks to avoid such behavior, like only printing 1 perimeter a time and coming back for the others later,
so there is enough time for cooling down?
Or something else I haven't thought of?
(Fan runs at 100%)
printing with:
- CR-10 V2
- Anycubic Predator
- i3 Berlin (Prusa i3)

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Re: Slicing Tips for tricky Overhangs.

Tue Feb 11, 2020 8:48 am

I would suggest running the lowest layer height you can bear (this will increase print time drastically so there is a balance to be struck). I would also maybe enable the feature labeled "Print islands sequentially without optimization" that can be found in the Layer tab of the Process settings. This will stop Simplify3D from printing the final 'island' of each layer consecutively which would also increase print time but help with quality.

Other than that you were heading down the right track when thinking about cooling. It would also be helpful to make sure you are printing at the lowest viable temperature just to increase cooling and solidification times even further.

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