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Unwanted tool change retraction

Sat Feb 15, 2020 8:46 pm

Using the E3D Toolchanger.
I keep seeing unwanted retraction for every tool change. The gcode for the retraction is generated by S3D and NOT by the TFree, Tpre or Tpost gcode.
These retractions cause a blob of material every time the newly selected tool extrudes.
Anybody know where in S3D this is set or is this yet another automatic, unwanted thing that the slicer does which makes S3D a BAD choice???

Here's a sample of the gcode, note the E-5000 and E5000 retractions:

G1 X162.667 Y97.232 E0.4946
G1 E-5.0000 F3000
; process T1
; feature external single extrusion
; tool H0.200 W0.210
G1 Z3.800 F1500
G1 X123.255 Y101.236 F21000
G1 Z3.400 F1500
G1 E5.0000 F3000
G1 X123.230 Y101.168 E0.0011 F4800

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