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Multiprocess Instructions ignored on subsequent processes?

Fri Feb 21, 2020 8:45 pm

I am printing 4 fins. 2 processes per fin. I require a top layer at the top of the first vase mode process in order to support the subsequent non vase mode layers.

Instructions to include a top layer are summarily ignored by simplify3D this is a bug (from what I gather a designed to be their bug?? IE not following instructions not sure why easy enough to work around the flaw)

I get around this by using the "add solid diaghram every layer" option under the infill tab. its a pain in the butt to use as it requires a layer and this is only really available in slice preview :-) . in this case at layer 240.

this works for the first set of processes. I get my solid layer at 240 (REALLY need a "insert solid layer here" button in the preview screen)

anyway I duplicated the set of processes and set them each for their own fin so I can print 4 at once sequentially.

problem is the insert solid layer command is ignored for fins 2 3 and 4. they do not get their solid layer even though the command is their in the slice settings. its slices them sequentially as its supposed to I don't see any obvious issues except my solid layer is missing from fins 2-4

suggestions? I know the software can handle this option being enable in processes other than the first one (I have another file with 5 parts and I need a solid layer at 512 on the 5th part and it slices fine.

is this a bug somewhere or do I have some setting selected that is voiding the option for some reason?

any help greatly appreciated. FACTORY file attached.
SAR Rocket Fins.factory
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