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ASA print settings

Mon Feb 24, 2020 10:26 am

Good afternoon (o;

I am trying some new filament I've ordered since the reseller wrote it should be easy to print like PLA and tougher than ABS and perfect for outside usage...also this ASA filament doesn't need an enclosure around the printer as regular ASA does.

Even with bed heated to 110 degrees the layers are warping at the edges....either on first layer or on the layer it is printing....

So the reseller told me that it might be caused due to filament not being able to cool down enough when the next layer starts...
otoh cooling fan should not be enabled for ASA at all...

So is there some setting in S3D which can cause the print to stop for some time to let the ASA cool down and then start the next layer?

Also heard about placing a "wipe" object, but since it always prints two layers in a row before going to the next object, that won't help as well...

So how is your experience printing ASA, especially with Ender-3?

thanks in advance

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