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Skirt print speed

Wed Mar 25, 2020 12:02 pm

Hello, I have being trying to print one model recently and it has been scuppered each time by the speed at which the skirt is being printed. The speed of the print itself is fine but the skirt will not adhere and then gets dragged into the print.

I have searched this forum and have seen both sides of this discussed: those who say that the skirt speed does respect the first layer print speed and those who say that it doesn't. It certainly seems here to be (on 4.1.2) that it does not. The print I'm doing is for a near rectangular model and it's very obvious indeed that the skirt speed is markedly higher than the first layer perimeters.

Can anyone offer any confirmation one way or the other here? Is there any way to slow down the printing of the skirt?

This does look to me as a bug. It's certainly undesirable.

Thank you

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