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External Right hand Cornering

Tue May 12, 2020 4:41 am

Trying to work out the source of this issue. Be it Simplify 3D and the way both it and PRUSA handle corners, or is it the Firmware being Marlin ... sp=sharing

I would love for some one to say I know what that is and here is how to fix it. Though so far I have tried switching on and off everything I can think of in both the firmware and S3D. I finally did a test between the slicers to see if this happened with all three. It did not. Prusa has a very similar issue, not quite the same. CURA did not at all. But I suspect it is because of a cornering enhancement feature they added. Even still, it would be nice to find that this is something that I can fix now, and not wait to the next update a two years from now.

If you look at the PDF you might also notice as per the title here, the issue is most pronounced on the edge immediately at or before a right hand external corner. So it is very predictable, very repeatable.
S3D cornering issue.JPG

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