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Large part print settings

Thu May 14, 2020 4:32 am

Hy, everyone,
I launch a mass production of a new musical instrument ( with 0.9Kg of components printed. I bought Simplify and I'm encountering a parameter setting difficulty.
First of all:
1/ I use matt black PLA DalyFil which requires a higher temperature than the usual PLA with a 0.6mm nozzle I print between 220 and 225°. I can't lower the temperature because there will be delamination between the layers.
2/ I'm working on Creality CR10 S4 with a Brass nozzle.

As you can see in the pictures I have a big problem of Stringing on the lower part of the room.

1/ I reworked my retraction parameters ==> increased the value to 8mm and the speed to 40mm/s it doesn't change anything
2/ I am divided between 2 parameters:
a) "advanced" - "movement behaviour" - activate ==> it gives the image without the movements BUT there are red lines for the movements which correspond to my bavages. They stop at the same place as the picture of the real room.
b) don't activate this parameter but then there are a lot of displacements too.
3/ "addition" - "burr shield" ==> this parameter only works outside the room, outside it is the inside part (the least pretty) which is visible.

Thank you very much for your help and a thousand apologies if my message is not understood. I am French and do not speak English well. Thank you for your understanding!
Best regard
web 1.jpg
simplify 2.JPG
don't activate this parameter but then there are a lot of displacements too
Simplify .JPG
movement behaviour - activate = red lines = Stringing

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