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Tried to replicate cura profile but...

Thu May 14, 2020 4:13 pm

I use s3d from many years with my Prusa without any problems. Recently I bought a small printer for my house (mp select mini v2), tried the first prints but I was not satisfied. Tried with cura (that has specific profiles for this printer) and the prints came out a lot better (not perfect but a vey good starting point). So I tried to replicate all the settings in cura speed, layer height, line width (strangely for this printer cura suggest a line width that is smaller than nozzle) and so on. Unfortunately I'm not able to come close to the quality that obtain with cura, especially because I see a lot of zits on the walls... Please check the attached photo: on the right the cube printed with cura, on the left the one with s3d. I've also make an extrusion multiplier calibration, but seems to me that s3d is causing over extrusion...
Any idea?

thank you!

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