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Auto-configure Material vs. Process

Sun May 17, 2020 9:04 pm

I've reviewed the discussions of Auto-configure Material, and I think I understand how I could tweak which attributes are affected by Material. I have a different issue.

I use Processes to set certain features such as infill at different layers of my models. I name them like Lower, Middle, Upper, or more if necessary. The issue is that it seems Materials are not visible across Processes. I am working with an existing Factory file, and want to print my model with a new filament. I go into my Lower process and create my new Material, with temperature etc., then save the Process. I go to the next process, named Middle, and the new filament Material is not visible. So I have to create it in each Process. Not bad if I have just 3 Processes, but I have had complex models (factories) with a dozen Processes. This would be a pain in that scenario.

If I highlight a Process and click Add, the newly created Process contains the new Material. But... neither do I want to recreate all my Processes, with all their tweaks!

I do not see my custom Materials in an exported FFF profile, so I don't see how I would edit a file to duplicate my Materials, i.e. the Material is not affiliated with the printer.

Seems to me that a Material should be independent of a Printer profile, and should be independent of Processes. I should be able to reuse a Material in multiple Processes.

Am I missing something?

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