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Nozzle Wipe or Extruding before a print starts? Change it?

Thu Oct 02, 2014 2:48 pm

Hey how do I change the purging of filament just before a print starts, you know when the nozzle goes to the side of the bed and extrudes filament to get it ready for print. Before on an older version of S3D the nozzle would go to front right corner, press onto the bed and squirt out a big blob, then quickly wipe across the bed, the blob would often stay in place and the nozzle would be nice and clean, I liked this method.

After updating the nozzle now goes to the front left of the bed, but not actually on the bed itself just overhanging there on the left side, it then extrudes a long line of filament down into the printer, and then wipes across the bed, sometimes (but not always) removing the line of filament from the nozzle. The problem with this method is not always does the filament come off the nozzle, it drags the line of filament into the start of the 3d print. I want to change it back to the old method, HOW do I go about doing that?

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Re: Nozzle Wipe or Extruding before a print starts? Change

Thu Oct 02, 2014 4:13 pm

This information is kept in the Starting Script of your profile. Edit Process Settings --> Scripts--> Starting G-code. You can either manually change it if you're familiar with G-code, or post what kind of printer you have along with the current Starting Script you are using, and I can change it around a bit to do what you're describing.

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