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Perimeter bulge @ solid infill layers

Mon May 18, 2020 11:44 pm

Hey all,

First time posting here, tried to figure it out myself but I'm stumped.

I've noticed that my prints have a strange issue when it reaches solid infill layers, it looks like the perimeter/walls bulge out at those particular layers only.

I've tried lowering print speed, increasing perimeters from 3 to 4 and various temperatures, perimeters printed inside-out. The rest of my prints are spot on (dimensions and aesthetically), just this weird perimeter bulge issue. G-code preview doesn't show anything variation at those layers.

My research shows that Slic3r also has similar issues. ... walled-in/ ... id-layers/ ... hing-else/ ... id-layers/

Some people have been successful in removing the bulge, but I'm still struggling.

Anyone else have similar issues?

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