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HELP! S3D Has gone crazy on me

Wed Jun 03, 2020 10:03 pm


I had an issue where my Mac unexpectedly power cycled, when it booted back up and my S3D opened, it gave me an error than I accidentally closed (newborn dad right now) and then all of my processes were gone. I have a profile for every filament setup so if that happens im covered but when I create a new ABS profile and select my ABS profile, make tweaks, slice, and close S3D and open it back up something weird happens.
When I click to open and modify that same ABS process & profile, it will have instead reverted the selected profile to the "Default" profile and won't let me save. Then when I try to change it to the ABS profile it asks me if I want to save each and every profile and then everything reverts back.

What is going on?


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