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printing feedrate issue

Tue Aug 11, 2020 12:13 pm


I'm experiencing a problem of the feedrate. I set the feedrate at 10 mm/s. If I understand correctly, in the gcode it should be F 600 because the unit in gcode is mm/min. I copied part of the gcode and we can see that it shows F600 initially, but when it goes to printing part, the feedrate drops to only 240 mm/min. I also tried other structure and the feedrate is only 152 mm/min. Does anyone know what's the reason for this and how to solve it?

G1 X-4.75 Y0.23 Z5.0 F2400.0
G1 F600.0
G1 E19.44
G1 F2400.0
G1 X-4.75 Y-0.25 Z5.0 F240.491 E19.476
G1 X4.75 Y-0.25 Z5.0 F240.491 E20.207
G1 X4.75 Y0.25 Z5.0 F240.491 E20.245
G1 X-4.75 Y0.25 Z5.0 F240.491 E20.975
G1 X-4.75 Y0.23 Z5.0 F240.491 E20.976
G1 F600.0
G1 E20.976
G1 F240.491

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