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Nozzle Switch Z Height

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2020 7:03 am
by AmenoBars
Hi guys,

I decided to move to Simplify 3D for its dual extrusion capabilities vs the likes of Cura etc.

I'm running a modified Ender 3 with a BTT Skr 1.4 and BTT 2-in-1-out Hotend ( ... hweb201603_ for reference)

In terms of doing the toolchange, it seems to do that fine:
[*]Gets to the right layer, retracts Extruder 1 by 35mm
[*]Unretracts Extruder 2 by 35mm and and starts to print the next purge block layer

The issue is, when it's doing the purge block layer after the toolchange, Z seems to be about 5mm above the purge block. In terms of the change script, I haven't changed that and its the same one that was generated by Simplify.

I use the Creality CR-X profile and just changed the print bed & height sizes, and added ABL to the start script. Beyond that, profile is untouched.

Any thoughts or ideas?