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Resume Print Starting from Homed Position

Wed Sep 09, 2020 8:24 pm

Hi All,

I have tried resuming a failed print but the printer tries to start the print from the homed position. I changed the starting script as referenced in the S3D guide viewtopic.php?t=6256 so the z-axis starts at 130.157 (can't home z-axis without smashing build). The preview generated in "Prepare to Print!" looks right but what is being printed is starting off in the wrong spot in terms of XY. I have also pasted the Starting Script below in case there is an error that I am unaware of. Thanks in advance!

; **** Replicator 1 dual start.gcode ****
M73 P0 ; enable build progress
G28 X0 ; Home X-axis
G28 Y0 ; Home Y-axis
G92 Z130.157;
M132 X Y Z A B ; recall home offsets
M135 T0 ; load right extruder offsets
M126 S[fan_speed_pwm]
M140 S[bed0_temperature] T0
M134 T0 ; stabilize bed temperature
M104 S[extruder0_temperature] T0
M133 T0 ; stabilize right extruder temperature
G130 X127 Y127 Z130.157 A127 B127 ; default stepper Vrefs
G92 A0 B0 ; zero extruders
M73 P1 ;@body (notify GPX body has started)
; **** end of start.gcode ****

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